Automatic Vehicle Flows Control System (“Videocontrol-Rubezh” post)

Video fixation complex with the plate recognition of vehicles to check on search registries and analysis of traffic flow

Automatic Vehicle Flows Control System was installed on many Ukrainian posts of Traffic Police Management around of country and in the capital. The system performs the function of so-called “shield of the state” for vehicle flows. It also permits to register transport automatically and store this information for its future systematization and processing. The main stages of work are as following:

When vehicle comes through the traffic police's post inspector stops rule-breakers. The complex carries out the following operations:

Processed information is transferred through radio signal to the central database, where all the information from the posts of traffic police is collected. Basing the collected data, various statistic reports on the vehicle flows may be formed and also analyzed with a help of special program.

Tasks of the System