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«OLLI GROUP» - was established in 2008. Interests of "OLLI GROUP" are in innovative sectors with a social orientation.

For Euro 2012 the “Shield of the State” is introduced

For Euro 2012 the Ukrainian Police Service introduces advanced transport traffic control system. Automatic Vehicle Flows Control System was already installed on many Ukrainian posts of Traffic Police Management around of country and in the capital. The system performs the function of so-called “shield of the state” for vehicle flows. It also permits to register transport automatically and store this information for its future systematization and processing.
Developer is Ukrainian system integrator OLLI GROUP which is also famous with their project VIDEOPROBKI.
According to traffic police department of Kiev, the system has been successfully implemented in the Ukrainian Capital. “By means of this equipment on roads of the capital 740 rule-breakers have been detained. As it is known some stationary posts of the State Automobile Inspection (SAI) of the capital are equipped by automated system "VIDEOCONTROL-RUBEZH" which carries out automatic control of transport. This system works in a night mode too. All cars are checking with databases of police. Rule-breakers are fixing with videocamera and stopping by patrol.
By means of this system only for last year 740 vehicles have been fixed and detained. From them was in base under "Stealing" - 15; license plate of a car in search - 5, for violation of customs rules - 7. But the car, wanted by Service of State Marshalls - 713 is most of all fixed.
Besides, 19 driver's licenses are withdrawn from the persons deprived of the right to drive.”
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