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EURO-2012: the smell of money

The European football Union expects to receive 100 million euro from sale of tickets for EURO-2012 in Ukraine and Poland.It was declared by the director of department of planning and sale of tickets of UEFA Pedro Korrea in Kiev during ceremony on the occasion of start of sale of tickets . As he said, quantity of fans of football which were already registered on a site of UEFA and thus have expressed desire to visit tournament, has already exceeded what was during the championship of four-year prescription in Austria and Switzerland. «Now we see the big activity of fans. It gives us confidence that stadiums during the Euro-2012 will be filled», - hasn'ted Pedro Korrea.
Ticket prices for EURO 2012 were established according to purchasing power in hosting countries, Ukraine and Poland. The prices will range between 30 Euros to 600 Euros.
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