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Peaks of traffic jams in Kiev

Recently there were many publications about traffic jams in Kiev. Sources of the data, as a rule, don't disclosed. VIDEOPROBKI have decided to give possibility to motorists to look at the data of monitoring of road traffic in November, 2010 in the working days. 
Figure 1. Congestion on the Kiev roads (%) during the day
Figure 2. Average congestion on the Kiev roads (%) during the day
On the basis of this data it's possible to define peak of traffic in a city. Separate traffic jams in Kiev stably begin since the morning 7:15 and come to end at 9 evenings. In the morning the peak is at 9:00 (in jams are more than 50 % of roads), and in the evening at 19:00. And in the evening, jams are more stretched on time as motorists try to overstay peak time for workplaces, observing of conditions in a city through the Internet. And in the morning all people hasten for work to the beginning of the working day. On 9 o'clock in the morning the greatest traffic jams had on 2nd of November, congestion of roads of Kiev has made 65 %. For the inquiry, at congestion of roads more than 40 % on a city already difficult to move. Why there are such splashes? Particularly, in that morning there was a rain. In other days, happens that traffic lights somewhere don't work, as for example, on 24th of November, the afternoon congestion rises to 46 %, at day norm in 41 %. Happens, as political meetings when roads are blocked by protesters, cause difficulties of movement. It is necessary to notice that the city authorities began to pay attention to city roads, the high-speed tram is started, Havanski bridge, movement on the Moscow Square is opened. May be because of ЕВРО-2012? But nevertheless, there is a hope that positive shifts will be. And we, in turn, also will publish further our analytical materials about traffic jams and road accident. We hope they will help all owners of cars to move on a city without jams and crushes.
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