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HERE Monitors Lane-based Traffic Speed at Junctions

Inrix Which lane goes faster? That is the question every driver would like to know when on a congested highway. Digital map and real-time traffic vendor HERE has introduced yesterday a new technology that gives a significant part of the answer to that question.
Called SLT, for “Split Lane Traffic Reporting at Junctions“, the technology measures, detects, and publishes divergent speeds at junctions on a multiple lane basis. Analyzing the global map, HERE found over 100,000 junctions where these divergent conditions can occur.
With this innovation included in real time traffic feeds, SLT improves the accuracy of estimated arrival times by detecting congestion-free routes. Indeed, an off-ramp could be experiencing heavy congestion while the traffic on the same road remains in facts free-flowing. SLT measures traffic flow in such conditions and reports two different lane speeds where applicable, providing the information necessary for drivers to make informed decisions on their route.
Of course, much more informative data for the driver form traffic cameras at junctions.
Video from traffic provider VIDEOPROBKI in Kiev:
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