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How to monitor road traffic

Existing methods of delivering traffic information can be limited to just three ways.
1. Through the Internet. To receive traffic congestion requires the receiving device (PND or smartphone) with sim-card-switched for internet data transmission. The fee for the information about traffic jams is zero, as opposed to Internet traffic, which is paid according to the tariffs operator. Applications display traffic jams on the map. This type of traffic data reception is the most informative.

2. On the car radio or PND through TMC broadcasting on FM-band. The transmission of information about traffic going through radio waves and is not dependent on your Internet connection and, therefore, is free.
3. On digital broadcasting format. In Ukraine, there is no the final regulatory decision. National Council has considered the introduction of digital broadcasting standards in Ukraine, in particular, in a letter to the State Committee of the regulatory authority in the field of radio broadcasting has supported the modernization and converting them to digital standards (DRM / DRM +, T-DAB). At the same standard DRM is the best for the introduction of the CX-band, in addition to what was stated.
But what happened in the world practices? In Europe, for example, is dominated by FM-broadcasting and judging by the trends that will not be for a long, long time. Progressive Europeans have long seen that figure formats DAB and DAB + is not yet qualitative changes except a sizeable increase in costs. Even the powerful radiobroadcasters that can afford to invest millions in digital, are not going to give up the analog format, due to digital radio only expanding its range of coverage.
But some of the changes taking place in Europe after all. Mediamobile has announced the start of digital radio broadcasting pilot test of traffic services in Poland. The services are currently broadcast live in the cities of Warsaw and Kielce by the Polskie Radio – the national radio network – in collaboration with two national broadcast network operators: Emitel and Info-TV-Operator.
Mediamobile provides traffic information services for motorists on FM radio broadcast in France, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland, commercialised under the V-Traffic brand. The company is a subsidiary of TDF.
In contrast to analogue radio, the DAB+ digital radio technology makes it possible to broadcast innovative multimedia data services. Mediamobile seizes this opportunity to create new richer traffic services which may be received by the motorists in multiple ways: by text, images, maps or voice.
Mediamobile’s test pilot broadcasts two new V-Traffic services in real-time, using the TPEG protocol:
- Traffic alerts (TEC) for events such as accidents, congestions and road works
- Traffic flow information (TFP). When integrated into a car navigation equipment, this dynamic information allows the navigation system to calculate the best route based on actual traffic congestions
Mediamobile is also planning to broadcast road weather forecasts, fuel prices, parking information and public transport information in the future.
Mediamobile is already a traffic broadcaster in Poland, airing its V-Traffic services over RDS-TMC (FM network) since 2010 to global car and PND brands such as Toyota, Volvo, Mio, Garmin and Becker for example.
Having successfully completed the first round of tests, Polskie Radio is planning to launch commercial digital radio services in the following months, in Warsaw and Katowice. After that, the company will gradually extend coverage to the rest of the population.
Mediamobile says it is happy to support industrial partners wishing to test their DAB products on the TPEG protocol.
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