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Road traffic with DAB is coming

Garmin announced that they are going with DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) for road traffic information in Europe.
Initially, the new DAB GPS navigation devices released in the UK, where DAB was rolled out long ago. INRIX will be data provider.
Garmin is currently negotiating with data providers and broadcasters in Germany, where it expects to launch products in the first half of 2013.
This message follows Garmin a different way than TomTom, which for several years has used cellular, two-way connected PNDs, which requires an annual or monthly subscription.
DAB digital radio is currently only active in a limited number of countries, and when Garmin's DAB-controlled 3D Traffic will be available in Ukraine is not known at time of writing. This spring, the board of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting has proposed to develop and adopt national standards of digital broadcasting. Board adopted the relevant decision on February 28. According to College of the State Committee, it is advisable to choose between the two standards - DAB and DRM, because the first introduce our neighbors Poland and Hungary, and the second - Russia. HD-Radio standard developed in the U.S. and is less popular in Europe.
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