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Road traffic providers for quality data

Just as next-generation televisions are gaining resolution, TomTom is adding detail to its traffic service for car navigation. Dubbed HD Traffic version 6.0, this latest upgrade combines information from over 76 million live sources, including connected navigation devices, mobile phones, and real-time incident data.
From this, TomTom dashtop navigators and smart-phone apps are able to provide route guidance informed by local road conditions and react to changing congestion patterns. As we have found in our GPS tests, traffic information can often lag behind real-world events and miss congestion-causing incidents. Consequently, greater specificity and quicker response times are welcomed.
TomTom also announced a partnership with Telenav to offer traffic information to its mobile users through the free Scout nav app, available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Curiously, TomTom did not unveil new portable navigators at the major electronics show like its two primary rivals, Garmin and Magellan. Another sign of the times for the portable nav market, the growth potential seems to be more in apps, services, and partnerships than in dedicated devices.
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