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Samsung Smart TV captures the Ukrainian market

Sales of TVs with Smart TV function is growing faster than the market as a whole. In the third quarter of this year, the Ukrainians have purchased 82.6 million "smart" TVs. In comparison, during the same period last year, sales of the devices totaled 54.95 million units.
Thus, quarterly sales were up 50 % in units and 35% in cash - up to 632.348 million UAH. The entire consumer electronics segment in the third quarter grew by only 11 %, while sales of LED-TVs - by 14 %. The company estimates «Samsung Electronics Ukraine", the end of the year, sales of "smart" TV sets will be about 30% of the total sales of TV equipment in Ukraine. In 2014, their share could rise to 50 %.

How to tell the manager of content Smart TV «Samsung Electronics Ukraine ," Yulia Kiseleva , in Ukraine, the percentage of activations TVs Samsung Smart TV at a record 93 % , the highest rate in the CIS and far higher than in Europe and the U.S. However, about 72 % of users regularly use technology features Smart TV. "This product category is fairly new for the Ukrainian market and therefore an increasing interest on the part of compatriots" - she explains .

New audience

At the end of September in Ukraine, there were more than 500 million TVs with Smart TV. The company "Volya" expects before the end of the year in their homes Ukrainians will have 750 thousand, which corresponds to a quarter of the total audience of cable TV in the country. In order not to miss out on a new audience, "Volyal" at the beginning of the week brought to market a separate Smart TV package worth 39 UAH. It includes 50 national channels and two channels of high quality (High Definition, HD) and is available on TVs Samsung Smart TV. "We turned to Samsung, as the company is about 60 % of the market ", - explained the head of product development company "Volya" Oleg Nesterenko . "Volya" has become the second ISP in the Ukraine , which was released in the segment of Smart TV.

For more than a year, a similar service is provided by Odessa" Tenet ". For 60 UAH per month users Samsung Smart TV offers more than 100 channels. The number of viewers of "smart" widget today is more than one thousand subscribers , said the representative of the " Tenet ".

The founder of Kiev network provider " Triolan " Vadim Sidorenko skeptical of attempts by colleagues to learn a new direction. "The market of" smart " TVs while small, so we rely on Internet TV on a TV set-top boxes ," - he said. In addition , he said , the quality of TV services in the Smart TV is slightly inferior to the quality of services provided through the console . For example, switching channels is slower notes the source. In parallel, a TV console promote "Will" and " Tenet ".

"Obviously , the TV goes online, multiplatform has long been taken for granted , so providers are trying to use all possible means of content delivery ," - said the consulting partner of E & C Anatoly Frolenkov .


Director of Development , "Vision TV" Peter Konov said that the direction of Smart TV will develop in Ukraine , because it is a growing segment , convenient to the subscriber. According to him , in theory, a smart decision - it is a matter of agreement with the producers of "smart" TVs. The application is created in just a month. But the providers of legal are not very interesting to work in this direction , as there is competition with free apps and widgets - for example , fs.ua or ex.ua. "Ukraine has a lot of free content , many pirates. A provision of the service involves clearing of rights , "- said the expert. So while the " Vision TV" does not offer such a service to subscribers, but does not rule out move in this direction in the future. " Who would refuse an emerging segment of the market? With the help of "smart" TVs we actually get to direct more users , "- he stressed.

The photo of free app "VIDEOPROBKI"

Fight for viewers in the segment of Smart TV providers have a legal and Internet services, such as Megogo. Deputy Director of Marketing Megogo Roman Sagaidak predicts that because of the "smart" cable TV services can give up its position, albeit only slightly. But terrestrial TV he calls "a tasty morsel." On the eve of Ukraine's transition to digital terrestrial TV about 9 million households will have to choose what to watch TV.
Source: capital.ua
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