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Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Data Collection Video Sensor (VP-xCam)
Overview of VP-xCam
The VP-xCam video-sensor is low-cost way to replace any detectors for a Traffic Data Collection solution. The VP-xCam is easily deployed since the power and communications infrastructure are no longer issues. The VP-xCam operates on low power consumption and is capable of wireless communications.
The VP-xCam video sensor was designed to work under any conditions. It provides several functionalities to ease deployment of traffic data collection on roadways:
• Accurate traffic data collection
• Video streaming for monitoring
• Accident video recording
• Standardized DATEXII for easy integration into mission critical, command and control systems
• Local traffic data storage
The VP-xCam communicates with any traffic control center through Ethernet communication protocols. The VP-xCam can be installed at any distance from the traffic control center or the data collection station which makes it adaptable to each unique installation.

The VP-xCam video sensor provides three main benefits: Mobility, Return on Investment and Greenhouse Gas Reduction.
VP-xCam provides for real-time traffic management under all types of conditions (day, night, rain or sun), including under heavy traffic and congestion. It feeds the traffic control center or the data collection station with real time data that can be used to adjust traffic parameters in order to optimize the traffic flow and increase road user mobility.
Return on Investment:
The VP-xCam is a low cost video sensor that makes the most of the existing infrastructure and its components resulting in a quick return on investment and provides for an excellent cost/benefit ratio. Above ground detection technology has today become an acceptable and proven standard solution to replace any other detectors. The VP-xCam significantly has overall lower costs compared to the installation and maintenance of inductive loops.
Greenhouse Gas Reduction:
Through improved traffic control, the VP-xCam video sensor enables the reduction of congestion which has a direct positive impact on Greenhouse Gas reduction.
Sample Projects
VP-xCam has a proven track record and deployments of video-based solutions for Traffic Data Collection on roadways in Ukraine.
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