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Apple will Create own Maps App

Apple's reported purchase of another 3D mapping company is further evidence it will inevitably reinvent its maps solution on its mobile devices and move away from Google.
That raises the hope that when it does it will finally bring native audible turn-by-turn directions to iOS.
To date, Google Maps has been an integral part of Apple's iOS platform -- not only as an app built into every iPhone ever shipped but made use of by countless developers who have made it part of their location-based apps.
Supposedly, back in 2007 the late Apple founder Steve Jobs even bragged that Google Maps for iPhone was the best map application. Signs continue to suggest that may change, however.
Apple has purchased 3D mapping company 3C Technologies and that its CEO, CFO, and product manager are all now working within Apple's iOS division.
Not only that, but Apple went on the record earlier this year and said it is collecting anonymous traffic data to build a crowd-sourced traffic database to provide a better traffic service in the next couple of years. Obviously,
maps and traffic go hand in hand so Apple having its own solution only makes sense.
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