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Juniper Research: Mobile TV and Video Service Revenues to Approach $10 billion by 2017

A new study investigating the Mobile TV & Video market has found that by 2017, revenues from streaming and download services on mobile and tablet devices will reach $9.5 billion, up from $4.5bn this year.
This will be as a result of the maturation of the market for streaming subscription services and pay-per-title content, which will see new business models develop for smartphone and tablet users.
Personalisation & A Multi-Screen Ecosystem
The new Juniper Research report, Mobile/Tablet TV & Video: Content, Broadcast & OTT Strategies 2013–2017, details how successful subscription providers have been able to realise large revenues to date, and how their strategies will generate additional revenues over the next five years. Report author Sian Rowlands commented that “In order to be truly successful in the future, I think we will see players emerge who are prioritising their customers’ preferences; they will do this by utilising cloud technology, allowing consumers to resume playback on different devices, and enabling offline viewing”.
The Network Challenge
As streaming services increase in popularity on mobile devices, one market segment poised to face considerable challenge is that of the mobile operators. This group will face continued pressure on their network capacity whilst at the same time striving to attract revenue from video and TV usage. With regards to this latter challenge, some operators are able to leverage this opportunity through Wi-Fi offload and the services that they already offer via their triple-play bundles. Other Operators however still need to innovate and adjust their business models to the burgeoning OTT opportunity.
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