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Live Streaming of Events Evolves Exponentially

The use of streaming to showcase live events is skyrocketing. The entertainment industry is streaming concerts, politicians are streaming candidate announcements and political platforms, and sports channels are bringing every day live competition into the home. These are just a few examples.
As technology advances, the use of live streaming escalates. The quality continues to improve which makes watching the event as it happens on the computer almost as good as being there in person – but with the comforts of being at home.
From world events like the London 2012 Olympics to the American NFL Super Bowl, streaming is the now media. On the production end, it’s a great way to expand viewership. From the viewer’s end, these global happenings can be experienced, without the expense of traveling to the location.
But Live Streaming is not just for large extravaganzas Any more in the early stages of live streaming, it was used mostly for the one of kind, periodic but lavish affairs. Yet that is all changing now. More and more broadcast organisations are starting to offer it as a daily opportunity.
Because of the evolution and simplification of technology, the large corporate broadcasters with deep pockets are no longer the only ones streaming video. It is also gaining popularity with small businesses and organisations for some of their events as well. Things like University graduation ceremonies, corporate meetings, personal coaching sessions, motivational speakers, and educational webinars are all using this technology to reach their audiences.
Audiences throughout the world are becoming accustomed to event streaming and the instantaneous results that it brings. They want to watch events live, as they happen and not wait until broadcasters put it on their schedules.
The world is shrinking and with the evolution of technology such as live streaming, it’s happening even faster.
Live broadcasting from Maidan in Kiev with YouTube.
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