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INRIX Integrates Vizzion Desktop Video Wall into Incident Operations

микросоты Vizzion, aggregator of the world’s largest network of traffic cameras, announced today the integration of their Desktop Video Wall traffic camera-viewing application into all INRIX incident operations centers.

In Kiev, the base stations are mounted on poles contact network

микросоты Small cell technology is a great idea for increasing coverage and bandwidth in certain areas. Some even wondered if a network of small cells could be be the cure to the rural connectivity problem that's been a thing pretty much since dial-up stopped being viable. There are some problems associated with small cell technology, though, and these are problems that may have worked around with its new decisions.

Ukraine's Interior Ministry starting istallation over 3,000 speed cameras on roads

Inrix Pilot project for video registration of traffic violations, operating in testing mode, recorded 3-million-hryvnia ($122,450) worth of fines in six hours. It was announced by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page. "We have launched a pilot project of the system for automated recording of traffic rules violations. Beware, soon it will operate in real mode, not pilot, and the fines will be real, but without a police officer. Turn on your self-discipline!" he wrote. A law stipulating for creation of automated system of traffic rules violations recording was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in July 2015. The system was created with the involvement of representatives of the Interior Ministry, the National Police, and other interested central bodies of executive branch, Avakov noted.

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