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«OLLI GROUP» - was established in 2008. Interests of "OLLI GROUP" are in innovative sectors with a social orientation.

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OLLI Trans in InterTraffic Amsterdam (LIVE)

Inrix OLLI trans is taking part in InterTraffic Amsterdam 2016. From the perspective of Intertraffic, we see an increasing shift from low to high-tech (ITS) solutions. Exhibitors from the segments Parking, Infrastructure and Safety are gradually moving towards the Traffic Management and Smart Mobility segments. Furthermore, we see an evolution from mobility products to mobility services, resulting in a comprehensive mobility package that better responds to the needs of people who increasingly plan their trips online. As an exhibition, Intertraffic responds to the needs of public authorities as well as the private sector and travellers.

Axis Acquires Leading Video Analytics Provider Citilog

Inrix Axis Communications, the global leader in network video, lst month announced the acquisition of Citilog, a provider of intelligent real-time video monitoring for traffic and transportation security and safety. The addition of their advanced surveillance technology and experienced personnel strengthens Axis’ best-of-breed solution and further expands its opportunities in the fast-growing traffic analytics market.

INRIX Acquires Automotive Software Supplier OpenCar

Inrix Automotive traffic and parking data supplier INRIX has announced the acquisition of OpenCar, a U.S.-based automotive software and services provider. OpenCar, backed for the last five years by a strategic partnership with Mazda, offers a white label, standards-based application development environment and framework.
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